Change Careers after 50?

Are you fearful of change?  Embrace the opportunity to seek out your next great adventure.

Learn to sell yourself, your ideas and your solutions for your next employee. Want to change fields or industries?  Research your target companies and outline 3 opportunities of interest to you.

Figure out how similar companies overcome their hurdles.  Network your way to the decision maker and engage in a conversation about what drives revenues.  Fear is a great motivator.  Not the fear that stops you in your tracks.  But the kind that motivates you to plan, and deliver credible action and knowledge  based solutions. By 50, you should be using fear to your advantage.  Performance is knowledge translated into action. Offer solutions that require your unique skills and talents.

Make certain your technical skills pass muster.  Computer literacy is mandatory, regardless of age.  Learn the social media tools and how to be found  in the digital marketplace. Buy a smart phone, learn to tweet and text. Relevance is the key,  not your age.  Stay current. Learn to network. Figure out where your passion and energy can lead you.  Don’t be afraid of change.


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