How To Build Sales with Testimonials

Feedback Kaleidoscope

What are you doing to attract new customers? Consider the power of testimonials on your website. Word of mouth marketing is the key to establishing trust with a new customer.

Whether you refer to testimonials as Customer Stories, Rave Reviews, or Appreciation, consider seeking  feedback from your loyal fans for your website.

A good testimonial creates a meaningful connection that inspires action.

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5 Tips for Effective Networking

I attend several networking functions a month. And I am struck by the aimless nature of most people on hand. Which got me to thinking about the 5 tips to consider before you arrive. Old school networking is transactional, as in “what can you do for me?”   New school networking is all about helping someone else. Building trusted relationships is the key, not collecting 25 business cards.

Tip #1  What’s your plan?  Are you there to find a job?  Eat the free food?  Make new friends? Decide why you are attending.  Be clear and have a goal.  For example, I want to meet 3 potential new clients for my services.

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