Maze (미로)

Is it time to refresh your selling approach to clients and customers? Plan to optimize your process prior to your next meeting.

1. Not being prepared.

You did not answer my “unasked questions” within the first two minutes of our meeting:

  • why are you here (purpose)?
  • what is going to happen in our meeting (process)?
  • what’s in it for me (payoff)?
  • how long is this meeting going to take (validate time expectations/constraints)?

2.  Not doing your homework.

Did you research my company and learn what I do and how I do it?

3. I can’t get a word into our conversation

You never let me talk. Is this a conversation or a speech? You are awfully busy sharing the multitudes of features for your product or service, and I can’t get a word in.

4. Mastering the art of the pertinent questions.

How to you know what I need unless you ask me to identify and concerns and opportunities?

5. Lack a consultative selling approach

Consultative selling is a problem solving process between the buyer and the seller- together- to define and explore a situation and find a solution.  The process depends on adding your selling skills and expertise to those of your customer and together you reach a mutually beneficial results.

Learn to listen and communicate effectively. Demonstrate a humble style Add value and be part of the solution. These 5 skills perfected over time, will guarantee your sales success.