Selling B2B or B2C is most effective when you focus on 7 steps for success.   Tip:  before you engage with your leads, remember it is not about you.   Effective lead conversion involves putting yourself in the customers shoes, seeing the exchange from the customers point of view.

1. Do your Homework.

Before you call or meet with a lead, research all the public information you can find. Google the company and the owners and/or CEO, Check out all the social sites and read up on what’s current. You want to up to speed on what is current with your customer. Prepare for the meeting by doing significant online research.

2. Learn more in the Meeting

The most important skill is your ability to ask solid, open-ended questions to deepen your understanding of the customers situation. What are the issues are they facing in the next 30 days? 60 days? What has changed in the competitive landscape? Your goal is to solicit information that helps you develop a clearer picture of your customer.  And building a relationship during the process is a positive.  People do business with people they like.