Unevolved Brand #89

Once you have found a strategy to differentiate your business, it is time to craft your brand. Invest your time and money wisely to get it right from the start. Engage family, friends and potential customers to provide brainstorming and feedback during the creative process. Start with these basics:

  • Perfect the pitch:  define the problem you are solving that is worth paying for. Compose a 60 second soundbite that clearly spells out what you do and 3 benefits of your brand or service.
  • Select a winning name:   Make it simple to say and easy to spell. Choosing Zwyega is a bad idea.  Creative is one thing, obscure means no one will find you. Check out domain availability before you land on a name. Consider what your business does for a service. There is a reason businesses use the word “salon” or “spa” in their name – to make it easy for customers to find you. Be certain the name has a positive connotation for your business.  Atlas Massage may send a mixed message, make sure to choose words that suggest a clear visual relationship.


  • Craft a tagline that resonates for your brand:   Zappos.com  is Powered by Service!   Note the clarity of the mission and the promise.
  • Design a logo that reflects your brand personality:  A great logo enhances your brand and creates a feeling of authority and trust. Hire a designer within your budget to get it right. Be sure to protect your logo with a trademark. Use your logo on your website, business cards, brochures and everywhere your business is represented. Your logo identifies your brand to your customers.

Now it’s time to market your brand so customers can find you.

  • Claim your business name and location on search engines at Get Listed
  • Set up your free Facebook business page
  • Set up your website and blog at Word Press

There you have it.  Your brand is ready to be discovered!