Finding Life Balance Starting Now


For the better part of my career, I stumbled and struggled with balance.  Lesson learned is that balance is an internal thing. There is no  one-size-fits all formula on how to handle the wife-mother-career juggling act.  And here is the essential question: can you have it all?    Yes you can, but not all at the same time.  Here are my 3 best tips for cultivating daily emotional balance.

First, show up fully engaged. Learn to manage your energy as well as your time. Draw on three separate but related sources of energy:  physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, all combine to give a clear sense of daily purpose.  Take up exercise, it is a game changer for the mind and the body. Tune in to each of your roles, and figure out which one needs your focus, and shift as the day unfolds.

Second, become a lifehack.  Get organized and assemble a set of tools to get the important things done. Set boundaries: keep and set timelines to stay on task. Use a daily to-do list to get more accomplished.  Ditch the distractions.  Set realistic expectations and deadlines. Life is about your choices, and that sometimes that means saying no.

Last, take care of YOU. Taking care of yourself is a simple act with profound consequences. Schedule  some “me” time each and every day.  Put it on your calendar.  Your best friends are sleep and exercise.  Make time for each of them daily. Drop trying to be perfect at everything.   Recognize and appreciate how well you already handle things.  And that’s it!  My recipe for finding life balance in an over scheduled world.


One Reply to “Finding Life Balance Starting Now”

  1. This was so very timely for me, Nancy! As you already know!

    I’m in the process of regaining some balance by rather firmly setting limits on some of the volunteer endeavors I had taken on.

    Saying “no” isn’t all that easy, but I’m getting better at it – and feeling better because of it!

    And I agree with you that sleep and exercise are our best friends – along with good nutrition. That trio sets the foundation for being alert, productive and happy.

    Thank you for the validation that I’m doing the right thing. 🙂

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