Find Your Mentor


Do you  know that mentorship is the single most important external factor for business success?  Every small business would benefit from having a trusted mentor.  The role of a mentor is to offer knowledge, support, and perspective.  Rule of engagement: the mentor has a sincere desire to help,  and the mentee has a strong desire to learn.  The best relationships are based on mutual respect. The killer benefits of a mentoring relationship: relevant perspective and advice, skill improvement, networking contacts, and encouragement.  When your family and friends are tired of hearing about your business, it may be time to enlist a mentor.  Ready to take the first steps?

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5 Reasons You Struck Out

Maze (미로)

Is it time to refresh your selling approach to clients and customers? Plan to optimize your process prior to your next meeting.

1. Not being prepared.

You did not answer my “unasked questions” within the first two minutes of our meeting:

  • why are you here (purpose)?
  • what is going to happen in our meeting (process)?
  • what’s in it for me (payoff)?
  • how long is this meeting going to take (validate time expectations/constraints)?

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