Find Your Customer Evangelist

7-tips-for-networkingYou launched your business and sales are starting to ignite.  It’s time to discover your customer evangelists.  These are your champions:  motivated users who are passionate about your product or service.  Initiate these 5 steps to capture their memorable WOW  experience:

Reach out to 2 new customers each day. Pick up the phone and make that call.  Start by thanking them for their business. Show some love, because customer shelled out hard earned money to buy your product.  Ask what they liked best about your product.  Before customers buy from you they have to KNOW you.  Followed by LIKE and finally TRUST.  If you have fostered trust,  you have made a sale. Discover what led them to your product.

Gather meaningful feedback.  Identify precisely how your product has improved their life in big or small ways. Did you save them time, money, or provide a new experience that was a WOW? Tease those pearls of information from their lips to your ears.  How did they find you?  That is a critical insight to understand. If someone else spread the word you now have another person to call and thank.

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